Helideck Design and Support Services

  • While various routine maintenances are required during the operate phase of the helideck, up front attention shall be incorporated during the design phase to ensure the helideck is well designed for efficient and safe operation.
  • In the design and fabrication stage, HELISAV provides helideck design consultation based on the international recognized standards and industry good practices, such as:
    • Optimized helideck layout.
    • Thermal Analysis due to environmental effect (eg hot plume).
    • Review of helideck drawings.
  • During the operate phase, HELISAV also provide support services to assist helideck owners to maintain a satisfactory level of compliance and making its facility safe to work. These services are:
    • Helideck Surface Friction Test.
    • Perimeter Net Integrity Test.
    • Provision on Landing Net, Perimeter Net, Helideck Monitoring System.
    • Foam Quality Test and Rescue Fire Fighting Equipment and System.
    • Aerial Surveillance using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone).
    • Offshore Helideck Refueling System Inspection and Maintenance
  •  HELISAV collaborates with strategic partners to offer fit-for-purpose solutions to meet the customer needs.